Super dense, sweet, exquisite.

Cooked Grape Must

Saba is impressive on
matured and flavored cheeses.

Cooked Grape Must

The typical vineyards growing on the lands surrounding Modena are used for not only making both Lambrusco and Balsamic Vinegar, but also Saba which is a characteristic product coming from our local farming tradition. This food specialty with ancient origins is made by slowly cooking the mosto (grape must). For this reason it is usual to call it directly cooked grape must, which is exactly the same basic raw material for producing the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO. Saba is characterized by a dark syrupy texture with a sweet flavor and a pleasant scent. In the past, farmers had the general habit to use Saba for preparing homemade desserts, enriching simple dishes such as polenta (cornmeal mush) or dipping gnocco fritto (fried dumpling). Saba is impressive on matured and flavored cheeses. It is a good condiment for salads as well as a sweet topping for vanilla ice cream. During the summer time, we suggest to prepare a tasteful refreshing drink by simply blending Saba with some water. While if poured on a glass full of snow, it used to represent an unexpected granita for children.

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